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  Outbond Librindah 2007  


Is one of the trusted supplier in self-adhesive label, anodized name plate and parking equipment, in Indonesia.

Establihed is 1985 with 5 workers, focusing in screen printing with the name Golden Printing.

In 1991 grow become company with the name Librindah Rimbajati, pt. At that time 30 dedicated employee mostly working using machines. Now Librindah has grown into 60 people, with efficient production system and effective quality control, Librindah has establish long and prosperous mutual relationship, especially with industry that require prime quality such as electronic, automotive etc.

By continuing to address the needs and opportunities that exist, Librindah also develop its capacity to diversify its business, by making tailgate; lifting equipment with a hydraulic system attached to the back of the truck company's retail, logistics and others.

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